How do I give you a sense of who I am in a few short sentences?  In my quest to be transparent and honest, I divulge the good, the bad and the ugly of who I am…..

I am a Christ follower who sometimes forgets who God says I am.  I am a wife who, at times, pouts to get what she wants.  I am a mother who has the best of intentions, but don’t always act upon them.  I am forgiven, and yet make the same mistakes over and over again.  I am a recovering people pleaser.  I underestimate myself and what the Lord can do through me.   My greatest desire is to know God and make known His grace and unconditional love.

My husband and I began our  military life almost 16 years ago.  19 years of marriage, three overseas assignments, 5 deployments, 3 children, and 3 dogs later, we find ourselves at home in the great Southeast.



One thought on “About

  1. Do you live in Nassau County. We are a military family that used to and we still have dear friends there. In fact we are very close friends with the family that heads up the homeschooling group, NCHE. We would love to move back there one day. Glad to stumble upon your blog!

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