When Time Flies

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My firstborn turns seventeen years old today.

I wake before the rest of the family, and sit in the darkness of the morning, pondering the speed at which these days race past.

Oh how fast 17 years fly by.

Like a caterpillar morphing in to a gorgeous butterfly, these children of ours sprout wings long before we are ready.


This raising of children never ceases to amaze me. Because how can we be in such a rush for them to sleep through the night; to be one minute, deep in knee-bending begging for a night of uninterrupted sleep, and all of a sudden it’s gone?

In the blink of an eye, prayers for a solid eight hours of sleep morph in to more gut wrenching prayers for safety as they take that first solo drive in the family car; for the hurt that will come with that first breakup, and the rejection when they don’t make the team.

Now, I just want to freeze it all.

I want more time to savor his ideas and sense of humor.

I want more time to impart spiritual truths and confidence in to this boy.

I want to protect him from the demands and evils of the world.

But it is all rushing at us so quickly, and we are unable to stop it.

So I learn to savor that which is before me.


Because I have two little’s that are still in the throws of childhood. And although it seems like we have all the time in the world to mold and teach and train and send out, my eldest is a constant reminder to savor.

To appreciate.

To love big, and forgive easy. To teach intentionally, and hug long.

To spend time, and listen hard.

To parent with kindness and reach for their hearts.

To love Jesus and shepherd their hearts toward that end.

It is these moments that will determine our children’s desire to come back to us when they no longer have to.


This lighting of candles acts as a beacon of light in the midst of my parenting. A reminder to spend time on that which is most important.

Each day we get to brush their hair, and hear their ideas, and send them off confident in who God made them to be.

Each day is a gift.

It is a gift I choose to savor, treasure, and protect.

How are you treasuring those who are most important in your life?  




12 thoughts on “When Time Flies

  1. Hello from your neighbor at Coffee for Your Heart! This is such a great reminder to all of us. I’m not a parent, but I still need to remember to savor each day because it is a gift from God. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

  2. God’s been teaching me how to savor the moments. I can’t believe my own kids are 7 and 5. Our time is already flying by. Thanks for the encouragement here. I’m so glad you linked up for #ThreeWordWednesday too! 🙂

    • Every day I am learning to slow down and savor the moments. It’s a learning process. Thank you for allowing me to join up, I’ve wanted to for so long and am never organized enough!!!

  3. Oh I love this… I can tell you, if you follow your own tips here, they really will grow up and move out and still choose to spend their free time with you on a consistent basis! At least that is what we are finding with our girlie! We have an Only – so it was a bit harder when she moved out last summer! We have been a threesome for nearly 20 years! But, thankfully – she is just down the road and she texts or calls or stops by often and I know that may not always be the case… jobs and college will take her a bit further away, so I am savoring this time now, where she lives just down the road! Every season is filled with gifts, if we will but slow and purpose to see them!

  4. The time does go by so quickly. And I did not do very well with savoring those moments when they were little. But here’s the beautiful thing, we never stop being their mom. And there are lot more moments to come to savor. With each one we learn how to savor them a bit more. Like when after 100+ day of not seeing your son and then you FINALLY see his face via Skype . . .oh how you know to savor that moment. “A reminder to spend time on that which is most important.” <<< speaking to my heart there, friend. Love you. xoxo

    • Beth, I am so excited for your reunion with your son. How awesome is modern technology. Praying for all of you! And what a good reminder, that parenting does not end when they leave home. xoxo

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