One Word Can Make All The Difference


The power of a word!!! 2015 has ushered in a new word for me……intentionally focusing on the power of a word.

To give adequate weight to the fact that a couple of random letters, strung together and laid upon one’s shoulders, could change the course of a life. For better or for worse!!!!

One word can light a fire and become a catalyst for change. One word can paralyze the most fearless person and stop them in their tracks. One word can motivate, place doubt, destroy, build up, or revive.

We have all had words spoken at or to us that drag us under, forcing the very breathe out of our lungs. The rains soak and a tangible darkness wraps itself around us, smothering our ideas of what we thought we could do.

Inaction results.

Fear grasps at our ankles, holding our feet firmly in the safe known’s of today.

Yet, we have also experienced that burst of life that bubbles up from the depths of our souls, when a loving person takes the time to speak a word of encouragement over us.

Like a fragrant offering it is.

Like the smell of honeysuckle swirling through the open windows on a warm summer day.

Breathing life!

Breeding possibility!

Building up!

The challenge to use my words for good, not harm. To love, build up, revive, refresh, and breathe life! This is what I want out of 2015.

Only with God’s help.

And this year brings forth one Word I cling to for my life and family: INTENTIONAL.

Intentional in the discipleship of my children-clearly laying out goals and vision and a path that will encourage their heart’s to bend to the voice of Jesus.

Intentional in what I read, and spend money on.

How I spend my time.

Intentional in my relationships and actively displaying the importance of those relationships in my life.

Intentional means to bring about with purpose….to work toward an intended goal.


Oh how I love setting goals. I love planners and goal getting and grand ideas of a better me.

It is in the follow through that I find my problem.

But this intentional way of living is more than setting and sticking to a set of goals, accomplishing more and checking off my to-do list.

This intentional living is an opening of my eyes to the most important things in this life. Placing those in our lives that matter most, in to a position of priority.

Because we all have just one life to live. We are all walking through this life with a number. A number of sunrises and sunsets that we will be here to see.

What will we do with that time?

Will we use our words to build up and encourage?

Will we use our time to snuggle our kids in close and read them that second chapter from their favorite book?

Will we stop what we are doing and consider it pure joy when we get that unexpected guest?

Will we make time to talk with that lonely neighbor?  

2015 I choose this intentional way of living.

Won’t you join me, too? Leave a comment to share how you are living intentional this year!

2 Corinthians 5:9 “So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him.”




7 thoughts on “One Word Can Make All The Difference

  1. Intentionally living to put a priority on whst God sees as important is the key as you have mentioned. How will I do that this year? By seeking Him first and in all.

    Blessings, Janis

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