When Your Pen Runs Dry and The Point of It All


I stare at white space for days that run in to weeks. And I wonder how writing could be so fulfilling and flow so freely for months at a time, and then suddenly, it comes to a screeching halt. And for the next two months it feels like I am pressing hard a piece of coal, in hopes of producing a diamond. But at the end of the day, that coal is still a lump of coal, weighing heavy in my hand.

And this panic sets in. That mine is not good enough, not pretty enough, not high-tech enough. This pressure in the blogging world to have all the right widgets and buttons. To host give-away’s and link-up’s and build an audience. And I can’t seem to keep up.

What follows is an intentional pause; a pause to refocus on the point of it all. Because, these words of mine, where do they point? Am I wrestling against my true purpose and making it all about me, or am I pouring out words, and living a life that points to Jesus?

Because this life I live is meant to point back to Him. That is THE point. That is MY point.


How are my words bringing life to a hurting world? How is the way I live my life pointing others to Jesus?

We Jesus followers, whether we are blogging, changing diapers, or teaching a class room full of children, isn’t the point of it all really to radiate the love of the One who sacrificed all? To point to the One who counted His life but lost, in order to be in relationship with us?

So these dry and seemingly empty spaces, the days when words don’t come, and no one sees the effort you put in to the kids, they are like a cool breeze that floats in through that open window on a hot and humid day. These are the days that refresh our soul and renew our purpose, because it is then we see clearly the reason for it all. All else falls away and we are left with Jesus.

On these days, I look at the life of Jesus. A man so controversial we are still talking about Him 2,000 years later. A man who did not come, as expected, with swords drawn and political aspirations, but came wrapped in compassion and love. He broke the chains of “having to perform” with the gift of His sacrifice, pouring his grace and mercy upon us without limit.


People did not meander toward Jesus in small groups of two like the animals headed to the Ark. People flooded to Jesus. They grabbed the hem of His cloak to catch a glimpse of His power; they climbed trees to set their gaze upon Him; they left the bedside of their dying children to seek Him out; they ran to His presence not thinking where their next meal would come from. And to think He drew such a crowd without Tweeting His whereabouts and posting aesthetically pleasing photos on instagram!!!

Why were people drawn to Him? Because He offered something they wanted; something we all need. Hope, healing, and higher purpose. This hope that we are not in this alone; healing from a hurt and dying world; and purpose that transcends beyond our checking account, social status and number of followers on twitter.


So today I run to His side; I bend low and grasp the hem of His cloak to feel a touch of His power; I flock to His presence so that his compassion rubs off on me just a little bit; I exert myself to catch a glimpse of Him today. Because, if we look to spend time with Him, He is faithful to show up. And when He shows up, He puts it all in perspective. He is THE point!!!!


2 thoughts on “When Your Pen Runs Dry and The Point of It All

  1. Thank you Lori, this was a word needed, for me!! A reminder that our, my, main purpose is to reflect our LORD.

    If you ever have a free Tues. morning come on in to class. We all would love to see you.

    God bless, Debbie

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