The Summer Slow Down and How to Keep the Pace


Without warning, summer draws to a close. The lifeguards disappear from our neighborhood pool,  the streets empty of children biking, and pick-up soccer games come to an end. We stumble forward in to a reality of school supplies, strict bedtimes, and making lunches.

And I wonder, where did the time go?

Because it seems like just yesterday I started this summer with a challenge for anyone craving a simpler way of life, as I do. A challenge to slow down and really absorb the moment we are in; to see God in the slow days of summer; to pause long enough to say yes to that game of Life with your children; to acknowledge and make time for the things that really matter in this life!

It seemed I had a long string of endless days to capture this simplicity, but as sand through an hourglass, the days slip by unnoticed and while I wasn’t looking, summer has run dry.

And the question that ordered my summer follows me in to the rushed days of a new school year.

How can we capture this simpler life amidst the busy calendar, the homework, and extracurricular activities? How can we simply live by living simpler?

Learn to Say Yes to the Best

Oh how I love to say YES. There is nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face when they realize they can count on me!!! I am a people pleaser of the truest nature.


But, in my pursuit of the simpler life, I have learned to say YES to only the best. I found this to be quite easy in the summer months because doesn’t it all come to a screeching halt with the sound of that last school bell ringing? No more volunteering for that World Market Day, where I had to make 3 sets of 40 crafts with a class full of 2nd graders. No more hours spent on Shutterfly, making teacher’s gifts and collages for the yearbook. No more soccer games and 1st grade plays and field days!!!

Ah, sweet summer! I breathe a sigh of relief.

But it is gearing up again and I realize there IS something better than putting a smile on that someone’s face when I say YES.

It is my better yes to capture a rush-free moment, hug my children and not be the first to let go.
It is my better yes to watch that soccer game with my 16 year old, rather than ignoring him while I organize his Soccer team’s meals for the season.
It is my better yes to stop what I am doing when my husband arrives home, and allow dinner to run a few minutes late.

Of course, those soccer meals need to be organized by someone, and that dinner isn’t going to cook itself, but it is placing them in the correct order of priority that changes the tempo of your day.

Placing those closest to your heart in a position of priority in your life. This is the YES that must possess your days!!!

This is the simplest YES and the YES that brings the richest rewards.

What is your better yes?

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And if you are looking for a book to reinforce your search for the better yes, check out Lysa Terkeurst’s book…..


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