For The Love of A God Story

There is something about opening to page one of a new book that excites me. The thrill of a new story, of watching a plot wind and weave its way to climax and conclusion. It is thrilling to me.

As much as I love to see stories come alive on the black and white pages of a good book, there is nothing like a TRUE story.

My earliest years, I remember absorbing stories like a sponge, and constantly asking my parents, “Is this a true story?” Because I wanted to understand what could and could not actually happen in life.

I am drawn to true, lived out on the pages of life, stories.

One such story is that of my friend, Jennifer Jackson Linck, and her family’s journey to grow their family through adoption.

If you love a good, true, God story as much as I do, take advantage of her book bundle this week.  Click here to see details for her book offer!!! 






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