When The End Is Just the Beginning {and my e-book}

maldivesThere is so much about a new school year I love. I love the smell of a newly sharpened pencil. I love watching as my kids spill over with excitement at the sight of a brightly colored lunch box and crisp new school clothes. I love walking in to the sparkly clean classrooms, smelling of chalk and raw potential.

And then life happens and the binders tear, the pencils break and the newness rubs off. Those lunchboxes start to stain and that pencil box is misplaced. The bus ride gets long and those multiplication tables get hard. And there is but one thing that can refresh and renew the passion that started so strong in September:  Summer!

This need to retreat, to stop normal activity and rejuvenate, is more than a luxury. It is a necessity. Whether you are an “out of the house” working mom or “stay at home” working mom, we all have this need to slow down. To pull ourselves out from under the weight of commitments and schedules. To lay down beside a slow moving river and be rocked to sleep by the rise and fall of the current.


This need to retreat weaves its way back to even the days of Jesus. Even He, the very Son of God, retreated from the very important work He was doing on earth, to breathe deep the presence of God. Even He stepped away briefly to breath slow, rest, and regroup.

“After he had dismissed them (his disciples), he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.” Matthew 14: 23

Sometimes the noise of our lives drowns out the voice of God and it takes a pause in the busyness to feel His peace and purpose.

In the halt of a rushed life, priorities find their rightful place. In the calm of a summer day, excess is knocked away and the important is restored to its rightful place.

There is healing in the halt. There is peace in the pause. And there is restoration in the retreat.

I challenge you to find the pause in your day, your week, your summer. Make this the summer to step away and pause at the feet of Jesus.

{Today, I am launching my E-Book, Front Porch Living, A Faith Journey to the Summers of Yester-year.  See below for an excerpt as well as information on where to purchase.}


excerpt taken from Front Porch Living..….”Sunday’s are meant to unfold slowly and stretch long like a piece of warm taffy. But these days our Sunday’s feel more like pop rocks exploding than a slow, smooth start to the week. Because that bitty baby girl won’t take off that Pocahontas costume, and the boy is glued to that Soccer game half dressed, missing his socks. And I rush through breakfast because I need to go over that Sunday school lesson. The phone is buzzing and the dog needs a walk and I arrive at church in a mood. Because that to-do list can’t be buried deep enough in my purse to smother it’s constant pursuit for attention. And church becomes one more thing to check off my list in order to move on to the next.”

Click on the picture above or the following link to purchase e-book:    Front Porch Living: A Faith Journey To The Summer’s of Yester-year



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