Five Minute Friday: MESS

bethanyjumping It takes two hours to get them all out the door. I wake at six am and start with packing lunches and a nice strong cup of tea. I open my Bible but before I get through two verses my youngest is up and crawling in to my lap. Before I know it, it is time to wake up my teenager. And he can’t find socks this morning and I forgot my daughters Field Day supplies.

I rush out the door to the bus stop and grab the neighbor girl on the way. I speak out loud a quick prayer for those three girls and kiss them goodbye. And as my daughter waves to me from the steps of the school bus, I see her chocolate milk mustache. And I notice my middle child has slightly mismatched socks.

And I think, what a mess I am. Why can’t I get it right and make it all happen, like it looks on pintrest and instagram????

Some may look at my children and see a mess. But I see pure beauty. I see beyond the perfect French braid and the matching outfits. Because I know the days my children look like “all that” are usually the days I yelled and fought to get them to look that way. On those days, I didn’t take the time to read them a morning devotional. I didn’t speak joyful words to them as they woke up, because I was to busy barking orders at them. So I am okay with their mismatched socks and their not quite right outfits because I have poured my love and heart in to them this morning. Now to conquer the mess they left behind.

Today I’m linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday. You can join the fun and get a dose of encouragement here.    hammock


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: MESS

  1. Yes! The love and heart we pour into our families takes precedence over any mess we leave behind!

    The pics we see on instagram and pinterest only show us the good parts-there is probably mess we can’t see just beyond the reach of the camera lens.

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