Overcoming the Quiet in Me

A year ago this month, I gave in to the nudging’s I had been ignoring for years. This nudging from the Lord to share my God story in this small corner of social media.

Before then, there was always a reason for my response to be No. I had babies and toddlers and a husband deployed. I had moved Overseas and a new Country to explore.

But when I was brave and I sat down to write, this pouring out of words and vulnerability scared me back in to my cocoon of safety.

Photo compliments of Sheryl Lee

Photo compliments of Sheryl Lee

This comfortable nest I had created was noticeably cracking and if I wasn’t careful, these words of mine could fracture and crush the image I worked so hard to craft.

See, I’m quiet by nature, and a people pleaser by default. And the last thing a people pleaser wants to do is lay before the world her deepest regrets, largest fears, and unspoken doubts.

And the quiet in me was far from desiring an online megaphone to share my story.

But this nudging was persistent.

As I stepped up in faith and poured out words, He began to get larger, and I, smaller.

And I stopped asking myself “what will people think of me” and instead asked, “what would God think of me?”

And so I toil away at this little plot of land the Lord has given me here on the internet. I till and I plant; I water and I grow. And many times I get it right. But sometimes I’m sure I get it wrong.

But there is something in the act of surrendering that makes one brave. And you realize the thing you feared most, isn’t really that scary of a thing.

What is God nudging you toward today?  What platform has He entrusted to you in order share your God story???

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded;  and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”  Luke 12:48b 



2 thoughts on “Overcoming the Quiet in Me

  1. Great article Lo, it’s amazing how God helps us overcome fears and our perceived shortcomings when we step out and trust Him.

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