The best of books in 2013


Have I told you before I love books?  I love old books and new books, I love kindle books, and big fat epic books.  I buy entirely to many books throughout the year and 2013 was no different.

Some of my favorites from 2013: (and some revisited from previous years….)

thehidingplace thehouseiloved shadowofthealmighty steppingheavenward obsessed ungluedweddedtowar widowofgettysburgkissesfromkatiemendedcalmmyanxiousheartoutofthespincycle


I love book recommendations almost as much as the books themselves.  Won’t you share your book recommendations with me…..

Coming soon….my list of books I hope to read in 2014!!!


4 thoughts on “The best of books in 2013

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