For the Teen in your life who has everything and only Needs HIM


We have all been there.   Wandering the Mall aimlessly with a list of names who hold a place in your heart.  And how do you buy something adequate enough to say “I love you.  You matter to me.  You matter to God,”  without actually saying the words?   And what do you buy for the teenager who can’t see beyond the peer pressure and the next four years?  What do you buy that will matter for eternity?  Let’s face it, there are some things money can’t buy!!!

So I had this idea.  This idea to get my nephew’s bible and go through it and highlight some key verses for the issues facing a teenager these days.  I was unable to pull this off, so I decided to put together a list of categorized bible verses that I then made in to book marks.

Click here to get the printable.  

Because the best gift we could really give is the gift of God with Us.

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