I stand in this circle, holding hands, heads bowed, asking God to show up in our lives. To hear our prayers and to act on our behalf.

In this room with seasoned believers and soul seekers, and I am struck hard by the words pouring out…..pure, raw, and genuine.

And when we are genuine before the Lord, that time spent is more precious than diamonds or gold. It yields far more than we could ever imagine or ask.

A beautiful cascade of words offered up to a Father in heaven who hears!!!!

Praying To a Father who hears!!!!

Not a prayer you would hear echoed from a pulpit. There is laughter amidst our prayers, unfinished thoughts and sentences, and babies yelling out for mama’s.

But real life is pushing us to our knees. Bending to the will of God, while holding out hope for the answer we want….no…..the answer we need.

Speaking to a Father who hears!!!!


And I am reminded of that conversation with my teenager last night. Where I am half listening to him share his heart, distracted by a sink full of dirty dishes and a mess of crumbs on the floor.

The dirt and grim of life has a way of distracting us from the more important!!!!

I look up to realize my son knows I am not listening. And his story comes to an abrupt end and he walks away, dejected and diminished. So I reach back, apologize, mend. This time I really listen.  Investing in his life, and he in mine.

Afterward, I am thankful. So thankful that we never leave the Lord’s presence dejected, unheard or ignored. Our words never fall on deaf or distracted ears. Our stories, our heart cries never go unheard.

His time spent on us is limitless. Let God convince you!!!!



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