That One Thing


***Picture by Elizabeth Durand

It happened years ago.

That moment I made the decision to do what I know I should not have done.  I knew better.  At the time, I rationalized it, but years later, regret and shame nip at my heels still and I wonder if I will ever be free from That One Thing!

I’m talking about….

That One Thing you wish you could erase from your past.

That One Thing  you think would keep people from loving and accepting you, if they knew.

That One Thing that drags you under and smothers you with guilt and shame.

That One Thing that keeps you from grasping hold of God’s unfailing forgiveness and freedom.

I know.  I have That One Thing in my life, and you may too.


I purposefully use capital letters to describe That One Thing because I know in my life (and maybe yours), it is a living, breathing, movement maker.  That One Thing still has the power to order my steps and dictate what I think I am worthy of doing or not doing.

When facing off with That One Thing (and we do need to face it full on), we need to ask ourselves simply, “ Do I believe the Lord’s message of forgiveness?” It is really a simple question….yes, or no???

Do I genuinely believe God forgives?  If so, why do I keep asking for forgiveness for that one sin?  Was I contrite enough?  Did I use the right words?  Beg enough?  Suffer consequences enough?

When continually asking for forgiveness over and over for That One Thing, Are we not advertising the unreliability of God’s ability to completely forgive??

Once we have asked the Lord’s forgiveness and we remember That One Thing (and we will remember),  we are meant to feel gratitude and joy…. washed clean by the Lord’s  forgiveness.  We are meant to experience God’s love despite That One Thing, maybe even because of.  For Jesus came to save the sinner.  And that I am!!!

At the end of the day I am thankful for That One Thing.  It has brought in to my life a genuine understanding of forgiveness and a deeper gratitude for what my Lord and Savior did on the Cross FOR ME!!!!

Do you need to rid yourself of That One Thing?  Ask for forgiveness today and then live like you believe it!!!!



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