The Domino Effect

I sit in Starbucks enjoying my salted caramel hot chocolate, and I can’t help but overhear the conversation taking place at the next table (let’s be honest, we all eaves drop at Starbucks, right? The tables are so darn close together).


My ears burn as I hear their talk turn from topics stirring up the headlines, to our military and how they are “making a mess of things.” Heat rises to my cheeks as if they are talking about my husband personally. Logically I know they are not, but we stand beside our men and women in uniform and know the sacrifices they make everyday.

As a military spouse, we don’t have the luxury of offering our opinion on current events because we know, when boiled down and served up, those current events have very real effects on families just like ours.

A husband waiting for the birth of his firstborn will climb in to that cockpit and fly over hostile territory to teach a dictator how to treat his citizens.

A family waiting at home, anticipating a reunion after six months, deflate as they realize their homecoming will be postponed indefinitely due to tensions in the middle east.

A son yearning to be by the bedside of his dying mother, is called up again and sent “over there.”

This is our reality as a military family. The Domino Effect of this life we call the Military. A World event occurs, it splashes over the news for a couple of days, and long after people are talking about it at Starbuck’s, our father or sister or brother or husband is called upon to take action. And they do!!!


So, my anger subsides toward those girls that most likely didn’t think twice about their criticism of the military. I remind myself we don’t have to go around shoring up the military’s reputation as if our own Spouses reputation rested upon it.

And I choose to remember that sweet old man who bought our dinner the day after my husband returned from Iraq.

And I remember the Manager of that restaurant who made a point to come shake my husband AND my little boy’s hands for “serving” our Country.

And I remember the purpose of our serving the military….a purpose that goes beyond Patriotism and American Pride. But comes from a deeper ordering of our lives by the one and only Jesus Christ.


One thought on “The Domino Effect

  1. Great article Lori, I think the average civilian doesn’t really appreciate or comprehend what military families go through. Keep the faith.

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