A Royal Baby born…and waiting for your very own!



Champaign was flowing around the world in celebration of the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis. Pubs in England were bulging as the Town Cryer announced the Royal baby’s birth. Canons were shot 103 times in honor of the firstborn son to Princess Kate and Prince William, signaling hope and promise of a bright future.

But for some, the celebration of a baby born across the Pond is a painful reminder of their deepest, unfulfilled desires.

A yearning so deep for a baby to hold in your arms. But another day passes and your arms are empty.

A crib in the corner meant to hold your precious bundle. Only the baby was lost, and along with it, your hopes and dreams.

Hope and sometimes faith crumble with each passing month.

Will it ever be my turn? Will I ever hold that long anticipated child in my arms? Lord, do you see my pain and heartache?

Why not me, Lord?

I know the depths of despair echoed in these questions.

I know what it is like to sit at a baby shower so happy for your friend, yet so overcome with grief over your own loss.

I know the agony of losing a baby, only to have your husband deploy the next week, taking with him any chance of getting pregnant for the next six to nine months.

I know the feeling of bringing meals to new mom’s, hoping one day there will be a reason for neighbors to bring pans of Lasagna to my doorstep.

My friend, I know!!!!

But more importantly, God knows.

He knows your deepest desires.

He knows your disappointment.

He knows the depth of your groaning and pain.

So when the rest of the world is celebrating the birth of a Prince, remember that the King of Kings  loves YOU, knows YOU, and remembers YOU, your grief and your pain.

Click here to hear about God’s fantastic sense of humor in the making of our family 


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